“Integrating Lessons Learned process in Operational & Logistics Planning” Workshop

On Thursday 12th of May, NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece (NRDC-GR) organized and conducted a Workshop with the title “Integrating Lessons Learned process in Operational & Logistics Planning” at the premises of “PEDION AREOS” Camp in Thessaloniki.

The aim of this training activity was to familiarize the participants with the concept/process of Lessons Learned, in order to enhance the effectiveness of our NATO staff officers, individually and collectively. During the workshop, 23 NATO staff officers from 3 different countries, gained theoretical knowledge, concerning the principles and the procedures of Lessons Learned. They also worked on a full scenario of a military operation, where they executed all the steps of Lessons Learned process, from Observations to Lessons Identified and then to Lessons Learned.

The facilitators of the workshop, were Prof. Leslie Szamosi, Director of CITY College, University of York and Mr. Fourtounas Athanasios, Senior Trainer of Human Asset Group.

The valid COVID-19 protocols were implemented and the protective measures were followed.